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Making Owl Cake Pops for an Owl Birthday Party

So there’s 3 weeks out until the party.  I’ve created the invitations, filled in my party planner, ordered the cake, lollies and am in the midst of ordering and creating all the decor… so in other words, I am right in the middle of that chaotic stage also known as ‘why oh why did I decide to do this??!’

There’s party ephemera all around my studio with half completed projects that seem like they are breeding rapidly every time I close the door on them.  And then in the middle of all the mess, something nice happens.  Something goes right!  I created cute cake pops…. which is kinda awesome for a non-chef-like individual!

For those unfamiliar with cake pops, they were the genius of one Bakerella and now adorn many event stylists’ tables.  And the best bit is… once you get the hang of them, they aren’t so terrifying after all.

Want to see my efforts?


Owl Party Food

however it’s not much fun to look these things up on the internet unless there is a recipe attached so you can try it at home, but before I do, I just want to add a disclaimer: these use the biscuits ‘Tim-Tams’ which are Australian.  I’m sorry if that makes it hard for other countries to make them, however if you google, you’ll find heaps of other recipes (and for the record, if you can get your hands on Tim-Tams one day, you really must take a bite… they’re famous in Australia for a reason!)

Tim-Tam Cake Pops (makes 10-12 cake pops)

1 packet of Tim Tams

80g cream cheese

chocolate melts

lollypop sticks

1. Crush Tim-Tams in a blender until they resemble crumbs

2. Combine with cream cheese

3. Roll into balls and place in fridge to firm up for at least 5 minutes

4. Melt chocolate

5. Using the lollypop sticks, dip end into chocolate melts and then poke into the bottom of a chocolate ball.  The chocolate will seal the stick inside.  Place gentle aside and repeat with all the balls.

6. Place back in fridge to harden again.

7. Dip the entire cake pop into the chocolate mixture, ensuring you tap off excess chocolate to stop drips occuring.

8. Decorate as desired.

*** Cream cheese is obviously easily perishable so don’t keep longer than about 3 days.  I am freezing mine and crossing my fingers that the chocolate isn’t affected too much.  I will let you know how this goes!***

If you want to turn your cake pops into owls, here are the further steps….

Before dipping the entire ball in chocolate, use white RTR icing and a tiny heart biscuit cutter to create heart shapes.  I pushed in the edges a little until I got the exact shape you see in the picture.

You will need orange jimmies for the beak, little candy hearts for the wings and black non pereils for the eyes and finish off with coloured chocolate melts.  I got mine from Baking Pleasures, however any good cake decorating shop should have these.  You will also need a solid styrofoam block to put your finished cake pop sticks in.

So after you do step 7 (dip cake pop in the chocolate melts and tap off excess chocolate), very quickly put on the RTR icing heart face and the heart wings.  You only have a very short time to work before the chocolate sets, so make sure you are set up efficiently.

8. Place the cake pop into a styrofoam block to dry.  Piercing it beforehand with a skewer is an easy way to get it in.

8 Responses to “Making Owl Cake Pops for an Owl Birthday Party”

  1. [...] See the full recipe here. [...]

    • Nicole' says:

      Hi! I am planning on using this recipe for a baby gender revealing party! I have never make cake pops before, so I was wondering if you have some step by step photos of the process? If not, no worries! Any extra tips that may help me through this recipe that you can only learn from experience, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nicole’

  2. admin says:

    Hi Nicole, I’m so sorry I didn’t come across your comment earlier.

    No, I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos but trust me they are as easy as they sound, promise! Just don’t put them in the freezer – it makes the chocolate crack, although I have found that the chocolate seals the tim tam mixture in there so they do keep longer than 3 days.

    The only other piece of advice I have is that if the tim tam mixture gets too warm before you’ve dipped them in the chocolate, keep putting them back in the fridge, otherwise they will start to fall off the stick.

    Good luck with them and I hope that the party is a smashing success!

  3. nicole says:

    Thanks for your feedback! I just made a batch, doing exactly what you directed. Everything is great except when I dipped the tips of the sticks in melted chocolate melts and then into the cold cake pops…then the sticks slid around inside the cake pops. What should I do? Thanks, Nicole’

    • admin says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Sounds like more chocolate is needed to make sure that stick stays put! :) Perhaps here you could start it all by resting the cake pops on a counter first and making the hole, pour a little chocolate in the hole first and then putting the stick in so the hole is totally filled. Let the pops stay like this until they are totally set.

  4. nicole says:

    It seemed like the chocolate melt was coming off the stick as I pushed in the stick. I will try the hole first with melts inside it and let the stick and chocolate harden first! Thanks, Nicole’!

  5. nicole says:

    Also, do you have a fondant recipe??

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